Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jake's Huntin Hook Product Review

Have you ever dropped an item from your tree stand, climbed back down the latter to retrieve it, only to be busted by deer mid-climb?  If you’re like me, there’s a pretty good chance that you answered “yes” to this question. I admit this has happened to me a couple of times, as I tend to drop my gloves and calls quite often. Deer can very easily be around without your knowledge, no matter how observant you are or how hard you listen. I recently ran across a page on Facebook for a product called “Jake’s Huntin Hook” and decided to put it to the test.

Jake's Huntin Hook is a nickel plated, barbless, weighted hook attached to 25 feet of Microcord that is wrapped around a small polyethylene foam tube. There is a carabiner clip attached to the end of the foam tube so you can secure it to your stand, fanny pack or belt loop to ensure you won’t drop the hook while trying to retrieve your item.

To use the hook, just drop the hook over the dropped item. The hook is weighted, so it will unroll itself quietly and quickly from the foam tube. Once the hook is over your item, drop it onto the item & pull up so the hooks can grab onto it. To test this, I dropped the items that I find myself dropping the most from the stand: gloves and deer calls. I was able to retrieve both items quickly and easily, without a lot of “fishing” required. Although the items that I dropped are very light weight, the Microcord has an 80 lb breaking point, so you are able to pick up heavier items with the hook as well.

Jake’s Huntin Hook has earned a permanent spot in my hunting pack. You may not need to use it often, but when you do it can really be a game changer! You can get your own for $12.95 + free shipping at . They are available in pink and yellow.

Make sure you check out their website for some videos of Jake’s Huntin Hook in action!

Andrea Haas

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Turkey Hunting Gear & Apparel for Women

By Andrea Haas
Revised 3/01/16

Photo of Huntress View team member Samantha Andrews
Turkey season is fast approaching so if you haven't begun shopping for your turkey hunting gear, now's a great time! The following is gear & apparel that I have used & recommend for spring turkey hunting. I don't feel you need to run out & buy each item on this list, but at the very least I recommend a turkey vest, something to cover your face (whether it be paint or a face mask), and some camo pants & top so you don't get busted!

1) Headwear

These work great as headbands to keep your hair out of your face, or can double as a hair-tie to pull your hair back into a ponytail. I carry these in my hunting pack year round.

2) Face Paint

Easy to apply, easy to remove and NO glare. It's a great alternative to a face mask, that tends to just get in the way.

Photo courtesy of Hunters Crate

3) Shirts & Jackets

Made of polyester wicking fabric & has pockets on the back of the shirt across the lumbar 
region that are perfect for holding calls, gloves & other hunting gear!



It always rains on me in turkey season. Never fails! The new Galleann Rain gear from Prois is waterproof, breathable AND it packs down into its own pack, so it's very easy to haul it around with you in case it rains. Below is a picture of the jacket, but they also have Galleann Rain Pants. 

4) Vest

-RedHead For Her Camo Turkey Vest-
available at Bass Pro

This vest fits me perfectly & has all the same features as a men's turkey vest. There's lots of pockets & compartment space to hold a variety of calls. It has a fold-out seat built into it. Just fold the seat out & use the back of the vest as support for your back. 
The back has plenty of room to carry your decoys.



5) Pants

Light weight & easy to move in. Knee pleats added to enhance movement & comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking. 
Waistline has elastic stretch to the sides & also includes beling & tab buckles so you get a perfect fit.

6) Footwear

-Mountain Athlete Crew Sock by FirstLite-
available at EvoOutdoors 

Made of Merino Wool, featuring nylon/spandex on the outside

-SHE Outdoor Avila Mid Rubber Hunting Boot-
available at Bass Pro $79.99

100% Waterproof with vulcanized rubber construction
These boots are very comfortable & easy to move in. I've found them great for active hunts.

7) Turkey Calls

by Solo Mountain Game Calls

Slate Over Glass
Glass Over Glass

Glass Over Glass

Slate Over Glass

-Push Button Cedar Box Call-
by Adventure Game Calls

If you're looking for a call that's easy to master, you have found it right here! It's so easy to use & it sounds great. The design allows it to easily be mounted to any shotgun, which is great to minimize movement. 

Photo courtesy of Hunters Crate

8) Decoys

-Avian X LCD Decoys-
available at Bass Pro

We highly recommend any of the Avian Decoys. They are the most realistic looking decoy, in my opinion. They body of the decoys collapse so they are easy to carry in your vest, but are also easy to re-inflate quickly to set them up. Team member Heidi Swonger had great luck with them this past spring!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Huntress View Community - New Blog For Women Hunters

We are excited to announce we started a new blog, the Huntress View Community, where women can share their hunting stories, experiences, tips & photos! We've had our original Huntress View blog going for about a year now & thought this additional blog would be a great way for women hunters to interact more with one another and share their own hunting experiences.

Our goal is to create a community for women to learn about hunting, shooting & the outdoors from a woman's point of view. We hope to educate & inspire women, whether they are new to hunting or have been hunting for years, and to grow the number of women hunters & outdoor enthusiasts!

So what do you need to do now? All you need to do is send the hunting related content you would like shared on this blog to Andrea & Samantha at The content can be anything hunting or shooting related such as product reviews, wild game recipes, hunting/shooting tips, even a story about your favorite hunt. Once received we will add the content to our blog & possibly share it on our social media sites as well!

-Andrea & Samantha
Huntress View