Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ghost Targets Review

Ghost Targets

If you are looking for a fun and different way to improve your shooting skills then Ghost Targets would be perfect for you! Ghost Targets are little round targets with a chalk-like consistency. The best way that I can think of to describe their looks is they are small, round and white, similar to a marshmallow. They come in 3 different sizes: 5/8", 7/8" and 1 1/8" diameter. 

Each bag of ghost targets comes with rubber bands and paper clips to hang them. They are very simple to assemble. Just wrap the rubber band around the target, unfold the paperclip and push it between the target and the rubber band. Then they are ready to hang! I like to hang mine in tree limbs at various distances and shoot with my .22, open sights. Ghost Targets are such a challenge and really help you pinpoint the target. When shooting at paper targets you can shoot all day long & just shoot "close enough" to the bulls eye. You cannot do this with the Ghost Targets.

The cool thing about Ghost Targets is that they dissipate or evaporate into the air once they are hit! Check out my video below:

Allison and I were both very excited to field test the Ghost Targets and highly recommend these to anyone looking to improve their shooting skills!

Andrea Haas

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When To Start Tracking

You've just shot a deer with your bow & feel you made a good shot.  Before you begin tracking there are some things to keep in mind. From the moment I let my arrow fly to the moment the deer runs out of my sight I pay close attention to my shot placement, whether or not the arrow completely passed through, the direction the deer ran and how it was acting. I do NOT take my eyes off of the deer until it is out of my sight. I also keep my ears open to see if I can hear the deer fall nearby. Before I get out of my stand and begin tracking I replay this several times in my mind to help me decide when to start looking for my deer. 

Was it a complete pass through? If so you will probably find your arrow a few feet behind where the deer was standing when you shot it. Get down and check that site for the arrow and for blood. If you find your arrow, check it over for blood as well. Hopefully the blood is bright red and has no signs of making a bad shot. If you have any question on whether or not you made a good shot it is best to back out and wait a while before beginning your tracking so you don't jump up your wounded deer. If I know it's a good hit I like to wait at least 30 minutes before I get down from my stand and begin looking. If the hit is questionable and you think the shot may be guts or liver I would wait at least a few hours, if not overnight to begin tracking.

Once I check out the site where I shot the deer I make my way towards the direction that I remember seeing my deer run to. Check the blood trail along the way & take note of the amount and color of the blood. Once again, hopefully it is bright red and there are no signs of making a bad shot. If your arrow did not completely pass through try finding it, as it probably will be knocked out as the deer is running.

When I am on the deer's blood trail I don't continue on until I see another spot of blood ahead of me. If I seem to be running out of blood or can't find where the deer went next I look for tracks, hair, any kind of sign I can find to give me a clue where the deer went next. 

Hopefully the tracking is short but unfortunately this does not always happen. You can make a great heart or lung shot but the deer still needs some time to bleed out before expiring. If you jump up a wounded deer their adrenaline can cause them to run long distances after the bleeding has stopped, making the tracking much harder. 

This blog post is mostly for the new archers out there. I hope these tips will help you the next time you shoot a deer!

Andrea Haas

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prois Pro-Edition and Generation X Pants Review

Prois Sherpa Beanie, Generation X Pants & Pro-Edition Jacket

Having great hunting gear is essential for serious hunters. From my experience with hunting I have found that Prois is one of the best when it comes to women’s camo! Their gear is cut to fit a woman and they pay extra attention to the little details that really matter to the serious huntress.

The Pro-Editions Pants and Generation X Pants are just 2 of the many Prois items that I keep in my gear bag year round. You may wonder what the difference is between these & what types of hunting conditions each would be best for.  They both have similar features and may look the same but they are two entirely different pairs of pants.

Both pants have zippered front pockets, large cargo pockets with magnetic closures, elastic in the sides of the waistband, knee pleats, boot zippers and an elastic drawstring to draw pants close to your boot. (These are just a few of the awesome details they both have!) The magnetic closures pockets enhance silence and are great for storing bulkier items, while the front zippered pockets work best for smaller items. The elastic waistline also includes belting and tab buckles so you can adjust them to fit you. The articulated pleats in the knees make it easier to move for more active hunts. Both are available in Realtree AP, Advantage Max-1 and Mountain Mimicry camo patterns and Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Magnetic Closure Pockets

Pro-Edition Pants

Generation X Pants
Now that I covered some of the details both pants have in 
common, here are the differences. The Pro-Edition pants are unlined and are more lightweight. They are made of 100% polyester brushed tricot 380 Gm which is soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. I prefer to use these pants for spring turkey hunting and during early archery deer season here in Southern Missouri when the weather is still warm.

Once the weather starts to get a little cooler I prefer to wear the Generation X pants. The fabric is water-resistant and lined with Microfleece. They are basically the same pant as the Pro-Edition, just a step up. You would be surprised at how very WARM these are, considering how light-weight they appear. No bulkiness here!

Both of these pants are a great option for the serious huntress, providing warmth, comfort and all the little details that we need in our hunting gear, no matter what the season! For more information on these pants and other great Prois gear head to!

-Andrea Haas