Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Turkeys - 1, Me - 0

By Andrea Haas

While out turkey hunting this past weekend I called in 2 very nice toms and came SO close to harvesting one of them. I couldn't help but think of how successful that hunt was, despite of the fact that I didn't give one a ride home in the back of my truck. It's so easy to get down and kick yourself when a hunt doesn't go as planned. When this happens (which is quite often), I think it's best to just learn from it and apply what you've learned to your next hunt.

Saturday morning I got to my hunting property well before sunrise and setup in the woods within 100 yards of where I knew the turkeys were roosted. I called a couple times as the sun was coming up and the sky started to turn pink. They answered me, so I shut up for a while until I knew they flew down.

Once they flew down they followed a hen, which I definitely couldn't compete with, and went into our field planted in Boneyard Seed clover and chicory. I snuck down to the edge of the woods and watched them strut around for well over an hour and waited, hoping once the hen left that I'd be able to call them in. 

The hen finally left so I started calling again. Both of the Toms answered and started looking around for a hen. I tried getting my hen decoy setup earlier, but the ground was so rocky that I wasn't able to get the stake far enough in the ground to keep the decoy from falling over. Unfortunately that hen decoy being set up would probably have sealed the deal on this hunt.
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Both of the Toms made their way to the opening in the woods leading them right where I needed them to be, but they got spooky without seeing a hen and turned around, just a few steps shy of where I would have had a clear shot.

As luck would have it, I wasn't able to harvest a turkey that morning, but I was just as excited as I would've been if I had gotten a shot at one. I did bring home some pretty great memories from my solo hunt, learned a few lessons, and went home feeling like a million bucks, ready to try again.That, in my book, was a successful hunt!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Impact Sport Earmuffs by Howard Leight by Honeywell Review

By Andrea Haas

As an avid hunter, it didn't take me long to understand the importance of hearing protection. While hunting, I rely on my sense of sound just as much as I do my eyesight. Locating turkeys, for example, would be a lot more difficult if I wasn't able to hear what direction they were gobbling in the distance! Plus, sighting in my rifles and patterning my shotguns would be a big headache (literally) if I didn't protect my hearing. One of the most important pieces of gear a hunter and/or shooter should have is some form of hearing protection. 

The Impact Sport Color Earmuffs by Howard Leight are a great option, not only for hunters like myself, but for those involved in shooting sports as well. They are electronic earmuffs, so they are doing more than just putting a barrier between your ears and harmful noise. They protect a shooters' hearing by reducing harmful sounds, like gunfire, and actually amplify low-level sounds, like conversation, so you'll be able to communicate better in a shooting environment. 

I put these earmuffs to the test while patterning my shotgun for the upcoming turkey season and had a great experience with them. While shooting I did notice a great decrease in the sound of the shotgun, and I was able to carry on a conversation easily between shots, without having to yell or ask my husband to repeat what he said. They worked exactly as advertised!  

The earcups adjusted easily and had a good, comfortable fit. They can also be folded, making them more convenient for storage or travel.

Earmuffs are folded for more convenient storage and travel
Aside from the hearing protection abilities and the fit, one of my favorite features on the Impact Sport Earmuffs is the built-in AUX jack that allows you to connect it to your smartphone or MP3 player so you can listen to music between shooting! 

Here are some more of the great features on the Impact Sport Color Earmuffs:

-Noise Reduction Rating 22 db
-Battery life of up to 350 hours
-Automatic 4-hour shut-off that extends battery life
-Convenient folding design for easy storage
-Single knob control for on/off and volume
-Air Flow Control Technology
-Black leatherette headband
-2 AAA Bateries included
-Available in Teal (shown above), Purple and Pink!

I know from my own experience that women love to have options. We love for our hunting gear to be customized to suit our own personal tastes, without sacrificing quality. The Impact Sport Color Earmuffs allow us to have just that and definitely make hearing protection more fun! 

These retail for about $59.99 at Cabelas