Sunday, January 31, 2016

Women's Cold Front Boot by Noble Outfitters - Product Review

By Andrea Haas

The brand Noble Outfitters is known for making men and women's gear and apparel for equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts. I discovered this brand last year at our local farm and home store, Hirsch Feed and Farm Supply, and purchased one of their women's quilted vests. The quality and design of the vest had me interested in trying more from their line. I was also in the market for a new pair of hunting boots and the timing could not have been more perfect since they just came out with their new line of MUDS waterproof boots, the Women's Cold Front Boot.

When I got the boots in and tried them on, what stood out to me the most was the insole. They were incredibly comfortable and soft on the inside and it almost feels like a gel insole. The contoured foam interior of the boots provided a secure fit, which is needed to keep your feet warm when hunting in cold weather, but was not overly tight. 

Here are some of the features listed on the Noble Outfitters Website:

Features & Technology

  • 100% waterproof construction for optimum protection
  • Realtree Xtra® camo print
  • Shock-absorbing, anti-microbial insole to fights odors
  • Contoured foam interior provides custom and secure fit
  • 5mm insulating neoprene
  • Fleece lining
  • Ultra breathable and moisture wicking for comfort on hot days
  • Anti-slip non-marking outsole
  • Ozone resistant industrial grade rubber for durability

Sizing & Fit

In my every day shoes, I normally wear a 6.5 to 7. As far as hunting boots go I normally wear a 7. In the MUDS I ordered a 6.5 and they fit perfectly, but keep in mind that I wear a very thin sock while hunting. If you prefer to wear thicker socks, I would recommend going up a half to a whole size larger. 

More sizing features include: 
  • 14 ½" height
  • Removable shock-absorbing, anti-microbial insole
  • Sole breaks in for a custom fit to your foot

In The Field

The MUDS boots are 100% waterproof and kept me dry while hunting and checking trail cameras. I have a trail camera set up in the middle of our pond (only a foot or 2 deep) and wade out into it with no issues in these boots.  

They kept my feet warm and dry in temperatures in the teens and were also comfortable in temps near 80, thanks to their moisture wicking abilities. These will be my go-to boot this turkey season and every deer season from now on.

I highly recommend these boots to any serious female deer and/or turkey hunter. They are the most comfortable pair of hunting boots that I have tried in the 10 years that I have been hunting and seemed to keep my feet warmer than any other hunting boot. I have struggled for years to keep my toes warm during late season whitetail hunts but these worked extremely well for me, paired with a thin pair of socks and Toasti-Toes when the temperature really dropped. 

They are priced at $119.95
Fore more info on these boots go to 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Favorite Products of 2015

The 2015 season has been great for the Huntress View team! Although we believe hard work, practice and determination play the biggest role in harvesting an animal, the products included on this list played a huge part in our success in the field as well. We aren't trying to push these products on you, but just wanted to share with other women hunters what has worked well for us this season! Here they are, in no particular order. 



"I use this every time I hunt and have yet to have a deer smell me this season! I am very particular about being scent free and Nose Jammer gives me the extra coverage to be 100% confident bow hunting no matter the wind direction" - Cara Holland, HV team member


"Absolutely LOVE this scent free shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! I have tried several different kinds and I am shocked at how AMAZING this product is! My hair in the picture is after using Southern Racks (of course I wouldn't curl my hair and nonsense to go in the woods ) This stuff doesn't dry out my hair and I don't have to use a boat load of conditioner to get a comb through my hair. It leaves my hair still heathy and soft! And FRIZZ FREE!!!!!!!! Not trying to sell the product.. Just being honest,, I was shocked myself! LOVE it! A little goes a long way!" - Britini Dunham, HV team member

----- BROADHEADS -----


"First time using the Afflictor broadheads and I couldn't be happier with the results! These babies did some major damage tonight dropping my deer about 70 yards from where I shot it, not to mention how true they fly to a field tip! These 2 blade steel broad heads are rear deploying and are extremely effective with bleeder blades leaving a 1.5" hole! Afflictor blades are super advanced arnd are a fixed and mechanical blade in one! Try out these Hybrid EXT's!" -Kinsey Edmunds, HV team member


"These Broadheads are amazing it leaves an amazing blood trail the hole you see in the packaging is literally the exact cut that you'll see after you shoot your animal with it" -Liz Adams, HV team member

----- APPAREL -----


"The First Lite Women’s Base Layers have played a crucial role in my hunting success this season. I’ve been able to hunt more comfortably in both the cold and the heat, and have even noticed a big decrease in the amount of times I have been winded by deer thanks to the merino wool’s natural resistance to odor. I highly recommend these for any female hunter looking to extend their time in the field!" - Andrea Haas, HV Founder


"The Prois Brush Pants played a huge part in my upland hunting success over the last couple of years. They are extremely comfortable and easy to move in and they do an excellent job at keeping the burrs & stickers off!" -Andrea Haas, HV Founder


"The gloves have open fingers, which I prefer for bow hunting, and have worked great for me all season long. In late season when it gets colder, I recommend either a full glove, or adding a hand muff for added warmth." -Andrea Haas, HV Founder

----- DECOYS -----


 "I love our Avian X turkey decoys. They worked amazing and are available in several different options. They look so realistic" -Heidi Swonger, HV team member

----- ARROWS -----


"Black Eagle Outlaw Arrows with Nock Out lighted nocks! I have never had a better flying shaft.. So true to the definition on their site, great for any Hunter!! These lighted nocks allow me to practice without activating the light and losing battery. A simple ring on the nock will allow the nock to be off for practice or active for when you want it to light up when you let lose on any game! Then simply pulling up on the nock will turn the light off after you retrieve your arrow" -Britni Dunham, HV team member

----- ACCESSORIES -----


"I've tried out a couple different brands now of face paint, all which have worked but what I really like about FireField face paint was how easy it was to apply and how well it stayed on my face! I had no problems with it breaking me out or irritating my skin. Each color comes in its own stick, making it easy to apply as much or as little of once color as you want!" -Kinsey Edmunds, HV Team Member


"I have always had a hard time keeping my fingers warm while hunting but combined with my First Lite Talus gloves, Hot Hands hand warmers, this handwarmer from Bemidji Woolen Mills has done a great job this season!" -Andrea Haas, HV Founder

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Women's First Lite Merino Wool Base Layers Review

By Andrea Haas

When I first started hunting about 10 years ago, my hunting attire consisted of bulky men’s camo over a couple pairs of long johns as base layers, depending on the weather. Needless to say, that system just didn’t work for me and I was happy to see that soon women’s hunting apparel companies started to appear, like SHE Outdoor Apparel and Prois. But one thing was still lacking for me: good quality women’s base layers.

Base layers are crucial when the temperatures really start to drop in the winter and can either make or break a hunt. I spend hours in the tree stand and need to be able to withstand the elements, rather than being forced to pack up and head home at prime time because I’m too cold. This happened to me last season and cost me a very nice 9 point with my bow.

Thankfully in 2015 First Lite came out with new Merino Wool base layers specifically for women and I was able to put them to the test. Over the years I have tried a few other brands of base layers but I feel none of them performed as well as the First Lite base layers did in regards to thermoregulation, scent control and moisture wicking ability, which is exactly what Merino Wool is known for. They were soft and comfortable without any itching like what you may think of when you hear the word “wool”. Not only did they perform well in the cold, they did just as well in temperatures over 80 degrees by wicking away moisture; I didn’t sweat at all while walking to my tree stand. I was extremely impressed!

Base Layer Options
Lupine Crew Top and Larkspur Full Lenth Bottoms in Sage Green
The top layers consist of the Lupine Crew Top and Artemis Hoody, and the bottom layers consist of the Larkspur Full Length Bottoms and the Syringa Short. If you are considering purchasing the base layers, I would at the very least, recommend the Lupine Crew and Larkspur Bottoms.

The Syringa Shorts can be worn underneath your full length bottoms as undergarments, or can be worn alone as a base layer in warmer weather under your outer layer pants.

The Artemis Hoody can be worn as a base layer top, or over the Lupine Crew top as a mid layer.

Artemis Hoody with Lupine Crew Top underneath, and Syringa Shorts


I used the sizing chart on the First Lite website to determine what size I needed based on my measurements. I am 5’3”, 110 pounds and I went with an XS in the Larkspur Full Length Bottoms and the Syringa Short, and a Small in both the Lupine Crew Top & Artemis Hoody. I originally ordered an XS in the Lupine Crew top but it was just a little smaller than what I like so I ordered a small instead and it fit perfect. 

I found that the bottoms fit best when I went down a size smaller than what I would normally wear, and that the tops fit best when I went up a size larger. The bottoms seemed to stretch out just a tad after being worn a time or two, but shrink back to normal after being washed. I love that the waistband on the bottoms stretches with you and does not dig in too tight on your hips or mid section, creating the dreaded "muffin top". Both of the tops have thumb holes in the arm cuffs for added warmth and concealment, and helps keep them from rolling up whenever you put on your outer layers. 

These are available in sizes XS to XL.

Color Options

There are 3 solid colors available (Black, Golden and Sage Green) and 4 camo patterns (ASAT, RealTree Xtra, RealTree Max-1 and First Lite Fusion). I ordered my base layers in Sage Green and the Artemis Hoody in the new First Lite Fusion camo pattern. 

Artemis Hoody in First Lite Fusion

First Lite Accessories

Talus Fingerless Merino Glove in Dry Earth

There are several other First Lite apparel items that have became my hunting staples, the Talus Fingerless Merino Gloves, the Mountain AthleteCold Weather Sock and the First Lite Beanie. The gloves have open fingers, which I prefer for bow hunting, and have worked great for me all season long. In late season when it gets colder, I recommend either a full glove, or adding a hand muff for added warmth. The socks work great to wick away sweat which is great for both warm and cold temperatures. The beanie is fairly lightweight & what I like to wear during early bow season when it is still pretty warm.

First Lite Beanie and Lupine Crew

Success In The Field

The First Lite Women’s Base Layers have played a crucial role in my hunting success this season. I’ve been able to hunt more comfortably in both the cold and the heat, and have even noticed a big decrease in the amount of times I have been winded by deer thanks to the merino wool’s natural resistance to odor. I highly recommend these for any female hunter looking to extend their time in the field!

Pheasant Hunting: I wore the Lupine Crew & Artemis Hoody

Rifle season doe: I wore the First Lite Lupine Crew top, Larkspur Bottoms & Talus Fingerless Gloves
Duck Hunting: I wore the Lupine Crew, Artemis Hoody and Larkspur Bottoms