Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prois Pro-Edition and Generation X Pants Review

Prois Sherpa Beanie, Generation X Pants & Pro-Edition Jacket

Having great hunting gear is essential for serious hunters. From my experience with hunting I have found that Prois is one of the best when it comes to women’s camo! Their gear is cut to fit a woman and they pay extra attention to the little details that really matter to the serious huntress.

The Pro-Editions Pants and Generation X Pants are just 2 of the many Prois items that I keep in my gear bag year round. You may wonder what the difference is between these & what types of hunting conditions each would be best for.  They both have similar features and may look the same but they are two entirely different pairs of pants.

Both pants have zippered front pockets, large cargo pockets with magnetic closures, elastic in the sides of the waistband, knee pleats, boot zippers and an elastic drawstring to draw pants close to your boot. (These are just a few of the awesome details they both have!) The magnetic closures pockets enhance silence and are great for storing bulkier items, while the front zippered pockets work best for smaller items. The elastic waistline also includes belting and tab buckles so you can adjust them to fit you. The articulated pleats in the knees make it easier to move for more active hunts. Both are available in Realtree AP, Advantage Max-1 and Mountain Mimicry camo patterns and Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Magnetic Closure Pockets

Pro-Edition Pants

Generation X Pants
Now that I covered some of the details both pants have in 
common, here are the differences. The Pro-Edition pants are unlined and are more lightweight. They are made of 100% polyester brushed tricot 380 Gm which is soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. I prefer to use these pants for spring turkey hunting and during early archery deer season here in Southern Missouri when the weather is still warm.

Once the weather starts to get a little cooler I prefer to wear the Generation X pants. The fabric is water-resistant and lined with Microfleece. They are basically the same pant as the Pro-Edition, just a step up. You would be surprised at how very WARM these are, considering how light-weight they appear. No bulkiness here!

Both of these pants are a great option for the serious huntress, providing warmth, comfort and all the little details that we need in our hunting gear, no matter what the season! For more information on these pants and other great Prois gear head to!

-Andrea Haas


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  2. While I agree that Prois is an awesome brand for women-specific hunting apparel, I thought a couple of things could use improvement with the Pro-Edition pants. I like the elastic in the waist, but the tab buckles dug into my sides when I had a hunting pack on (which is a lot of the time when you hunt in Nevada and hike everywhere). I also found that the button on the fly doesn't stay buttoned. At all. Maybe my pair had some sort of dysfunctional button snap? Did you have this experience?

    Otherwise, even unlined, they were warm and perfect for the climate (late season - December - Mojave desert bighorn sheep hunt) and they cut the wind really well.

  3. Hi Nevada! No I didn't have the problem with the button on the fly with either of the pants. I have had that problem before though on other brands of women's camo. I do agree with the tab buckles on the side though. Most of the time I leave them undone or looser so they don't get too tight.