Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deaux Girl Scent Control Products

Ladies, if you're searching for great scent control products for hunting check out Deaux Girls! They make scent free/scent control body care products and cosmetics that are top of the line. The scent free shampoo and conditioner are salon quality and won't leave your hair dry or greasy. 

The scent control lotion is one of my favorite Deaux Girl products, and if you don't order anything else from them, at least give this one a shot. It is the best scent control lotion that I have tried. It leaves your skin incredibly soft and does a great job of covering your scent. I noticed how well it blocked scent when I put it on after I had sprayed with perfume one day & noticed the perfume scent was completely gone!

Deaux Girl products are versatile and not just for the woods. They have a line of scent free cosmetics as well. Their lipstick, black pencil eyeliner and eye shadows have become my favorite over previous brands that I have used & wear them every day to work. Even Tiffany Lakosky uses their mascara!

Make sure you check out their website www.deauxgirl.com to check out all of their products and follow them on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deaux-Girls/418719698215537

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  1. My scent memories started early. My first perfume memory actually was the taste of it instead of the scent. For some inexplicable reason I gargled a bottle of my mother's cologne, and even though I don't remember the smell, I do remember the taste. Unlike most little girls I never went through a Tinkerbell stage

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