Friday, November 28, 2014

Cold Weather Layering and Hunting Apparel for Women

A women's hunting apparel guide for when the temps start to plummet! All of the apparel listed here is what works for me when I'm sitting in my deer stand for long hours at a time and what I recommend for long, non-active hunts during the winter months.  -Andrea Haas

1.) Prois Sherpa Beanie

  • I love the fit of this beanie. It's long enough to cover my ears perfectly and doesn't allow cold air/wind in.
  • Available at and
Prois Sherpa Beanie

2.) Prois Sherpa Fleece Neck Gaitor
  • This is great for extra warmth or added camo coverage. I carry this piece into my spring turkey hunting season as well for the added camo coverage.
  • Available at
Prois Sherpa Neck Gaitor

3.) Base Layers
  • The key to staying warm in cold temps starts with your base layers. You want your base layers to help wick moisture, that way if you sweat while walking to your stand, you won't freeze later on when it starts to evaporate. Merino Wool is great for wicking moisture and isn't itchy.
  • I recommend The Women's Expedition Crew top and Bottoms by Minus33, available at

Expedition Top and Bottoms by Minus33

4.) Mid Layers
  • The Turas Long Sleeve Shirt by Prois is one of my favorite shirts to keep in my hunting gear bag year round. I add this top over my base layer for some extra warmth that's not bulky at all and is extremely easy to move in. It's available at
Prois Turas Shirt

  • In extremely cold temps, I like to add a fleece mid-layer as well and have found this is a really great way to add some extra warmth; and if you find the right layers, you won't add bulkiness along with it.
  • Polartec fleece is my favorite, available at 

Polartec Fleece Top and Bottoms

5.) Prois Xtreme Pants and Jacket
  • I absolutely love the Prois Xtreme Pants and Jacket for cold weather hunting. The wind stops here, ladies! They do an excellent job at stopping the wind and also helps to keep you dry while hunting in rain, snow, sleet and drizzle. Plus, the jacket has an added "duck tail" feature to extend the length and help keep you even dryer. 
  • Available at www.EvoOutdoors and

Prois Xtreme Pants and Jacket

6.) Gloves
  • For bow hunting my personal favorite are the Women's Bow Ranger by Manzella. They are fleece with a 4-way stretch fabric for a great fit, which also makes them easy to get on and off. They also have a bow-release collar, making them a great choice for bow hunting.
  • Available at
Bow Ranger Glove by Manzella

7.) Socks
  • A good pair of moisture wicking socks is imperative in order to keep your feet dry and warm. When walking to the stand my feet often start to sweat, which is a bad thing once the sweat starts to evaporate. Merino Wool is known for its moisture-wicking abilities and helps keep my feet dry and warm.
  • The Day Hiker Sock by Minus33 are my favorite. Available at
Day Hiker Sock by Minus33

8.) ThermaCELL Heated Insoles
  • If my feet do start to get cold in the stand, I love these rechargable heated insoles by ThermaCELL. Just replace the insole to your boots with these (you can also cut these to make them fit better). You can adjust the temperature to high or medium with a small remote that easily fits in your pocket. 
  • Available at
ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

9.) Women's Muck Woody Max Boots
  • These have a 100% waterproof rubber outsole, and are fleece lined on the inside. These fit close to your fit to keep cold air from getting in.
  • Available at

Muck Woody Max Boot

-Andrea Haas


  1. This is a great women’s hunting apparel guide. I have found some amazing suggestions for my fiancée. I particularly like the base layers. Do you have any women’s rain jackets suggestions? I found some resourceful models here:

  2. i like your reviews , prois is the best for me as hunting rain gear.yet still "breathe" as much as possible.thank for your reviews

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