Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stokerized SS1 Stabilizer Review

By Heidi Swonger, Huntress View ProStaff

When I started shooting a bow, I always had the basic set up with the “common/normal” stabilizer. It was the style which all of my family and friends used but it never felt right to me. I kept telling my husband, I feel like my bow was “front heavy”. He insisted that I needed to build up my arm strength and that it would come with time and practice. Some time had passed but it still didn’t feel right to me. In the meantime, he had purchased a new bow and was complaining of the same thing. 

We went to our local archery shop, where the owner had started making his own line of stabilizers called Stokerized. There are several different types and models, with new ones coming out every year. We looked at several and decided on the Acrylic SS1. The SS1 has various features that make it perfect for anyone. Instead of sticking straight out in front of the bow, the SS1 hangs along since of your bow. It also has a sliding feature, so you can move the acrylic rod front or back depending on your needs. 

The SS1 comes in different weights. Along with choosing what starting weight is right for you, the SS1 is also able to add additional weight by adding different end caps or saturn weights. Stokerized came out with a SS1 quick disconnect this past year, which I highly recommend as well. It makes it very easy and fast to remove the SS1 when having to place it in a bow case (if needed).


SS1 Quick Disconnect

As a bow hunter I highly recommend the SS1 and quick disconnect combo. Being a female bow hunter especially, it made my bow balance for me so much better. The SS1 is lightweight, but very strong and durable. With the acrylic design, it also helps reduce vibration. 

The SS1 comes in a large variety of colors, 14 to be exact, and 5 finishes, which include black, Lost Camo, Real Tree APS, Real Tree MAX, and Real Tree Xtra. So you can find the perfect color and finish combo for you! 

Stokerized has won the Inside Archery Best Buy Winner in 2011 & 2012l, along with the Bowhunt America Gear of the Year in 2011 & 2013. The SS1 retails for $128.99 and the Quick Disconnect for $59.99

Head to Stokerized.com to find a dealer near you.


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