Monday, July 13, 2015

Husband and Wife Deer Skulls

By Becky Williams
Originally posted on Becky's blog: Let A Girl Show You How To Hunt And Fish

For this project we found two skulls while out shed hunting. One was a doe and one was a buck skull that had already naturally shed its antlers, but still neat. I soaked them in clean water and peroxide for a few hours to clean them up. They were old and had been dead for a long time, they were already dried out.

This one is the buck up close. I added some small metal decorative corners to the wood.

To mount the heads I had some scrap wood in my barn so I stained it a drove a 2 inch screw through the backside, so the skull can hang on the protruding part of the screw.  The back of the skull of the deer has a deep hole where the brain would've been so the screw slides into it perfectly.

Here is the finished product with a small latch on the back to be hung on the wall. They are neat conversation pieces, and they were found while out shed hunting with our children.

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