Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Markie's Bowhunting Tips

Bowhunting Tips from Huntress View team member Markie Tormoen

-Always be ready!

-Know what way the wind is blowing and if it's right for what stand your sitting in.

-I put my release on at the truck just in case I bump something on the way in. Once your in the tree knock an arrow right away. A deer can move through at anytime. 

-Pick out your shooting lanes and pick out spots in those lanes that are a good place to kill a deer. Always be ready when you hear anything, snap of a stick or crunch of leaves. Stand up and get ready. You don't want to miss your chance on a big buck because you weren't up and ready. A lot of the time they come in silent and you don't know they're there till they're right under you. 

-One of the most important things to know is that deer are herbivores which means their eyes are on the sides of their heads so they can keep a look out for predators while they are grassing. You might not be able to see the deer but they can see you, so be still! Get in the habit of moving your eyes more than your head. When you do move your head, move it slowly. 

-Once a deer moves in wait for its head to go behind a tree or bush to draw back. He should be moving in one of the shooting lanes we had talked about earlier. But you're already ready because that should have been one of the first things you scoped out once you got in to your stand! 

-If the deer is moving, stop the deer with a vocal grunt before you shoot to make a good ethical kill! 

-When the deer is running away after the shot look at the tail to see if it's up or down! If it's up you probably missed, if it's down you probably made a good shot! That way you will also know which way the deer is headed so you can track it easier. 

Good luck this season ladies! I hope these tips helped!

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