Monday, June 13, 2016

Muck Boot Company - Women's Pursuit Stealth Boots - Product Review

By Andrea Haas

One of the most important items a hunter should have is a good, quality pair of boots. I can think of a few times that not having the right pair of boots for the hunting conditions sent me home early from a hunt, or at least caused a lot of unnecessary discomfort. Rain, snow, wind, and temperature are all things that we cannot control, but having the right pair of boots can help us deal with these elements and stay in the field longer and more comfortably. 

This turkey season I tried the new Women's Pursuit Stealth Boots by Muck Boot Company. I have always been a big fan of Muck Boots and was excited to put these to the test this spring. Below are my results.

Performance In The Field


Spring is known for being wet and rainy and this turkey season was no different. The Pursuit Stealth boots are 100% waterproof and kept my feet nice and dry. 


The outsole features "agressive gripping" and I could not agree more with those terms. While walking through the woods trying to sneak up on birds, the last thing I need is to slip and fall. I will say, this does happen to me a lot due to the amount of flat shelf rocks we have on our property, and possibly because I'm a little less than graceful. Add some rain into the mix and those rocks can get extremely slick. Thankfully this was not a problem for me this spring.

"Aggressive Gripping" Outsole

They fit great and were very comfortable. The angled topline and flexible notches (highlighted in pink) make them easy to move in, which is perfect for spot-and-stalk turkey hunting. I had to crawl on my stomach a couple times to sneak up on a group of turkeys without being seen and these got a big thumbs up from me! 


The Pursuit Stealth boots have a lining of Neoprene and fleece to keep your feet warm during cold hunts, but I found they worked great to keep my feet cool in the warmer weather too, thanks to the ETC Sockliner that reduces heat buildup. 


  • Insulation: 5mm of Neoprene with Fleece Lining
  • Upper: Spandura® with Optimal Flex Points highlighted in Pink
  • Camo: Realtree® APG
  • Outsole: Aggressive Gripping
  • Insole: Etc® Sockliner

  • Height 12”

  • Weight 4 lbs

Sizing & Fit

In my every day shoes I normally wear a 6.5 to 7. In my other Muck Boots I have always worn a 7 and that is what I ordered in the Pursuit Stealth boots. They fit great and I actually preferred how these boots fit compared to my other Muck Boots, the Woody Max. While I love my Woody Max boots as well, I liked the fit of the Pursuit Stealth boots better because they were not as tight on the tops of my feet, making them more comfortable and easy to move in. 

Price and Options

The Pursuit Stealth boots retail for $209.99 and are available in women's sizes 5 to 11.
They are available in Realtree APG and Realtree APC (pink)

Overall I was very happy with how well these boots performed. They were comfortable, easy to move in, and had great traction and thermal regulation, which is exactly what I needed for spring turkey hunting. They are engineered for warmth as well, which will be great for deer hunting this fall and winter. I highly recommend the Pursuit Stealth boots to any female hunter, as they were a game changer for me. Like I said before, we can't control the elements, but having the right hunting gear can help us withstand them.

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