Monday, May 25, 2015

A Bird Sanctuary

By Becky Williams, Huntress View ProStaff
Originally posted on Becky's blog: Let a Girl Show You How to Hunt and Fish

On our small five acre property I have hung, built, and been given many different bird houses. Now that it has been a few years, we have so many varieties of birds living on our property, from regular little everyday birds to cardinals, turkey, mallards, wood ducks and blue birds. It's so fun to watch them build their nests and see all their sticks and strings hanging from the bird house holes.

Adding finishing touches to be added to a tree

Hung about 7 feet above the ground near our pond

One of the chicken wire duck nesters I made this spring. No ducks yet, but it can take a couple of seasons.

Little momma wood duck, no eggs yet, but hoping to have some soon.

A wood duck house built 4 years ago and there is a wood duck hen that sits in there

This is an old bird house I built years ago. It is full of straw and sticks, but I've never seen anything nest in it. It overlooks the pond in some trees.

I've even made some "not so normal" bird houses. This was an empty peanut butter container. I cut a hole, painted it gold, and screwed the lid to the tree. I put this up last year and this year there is a nest in it!

This is a regular nest outside of my laundry room window. I was able to watch a mother cardinal raise her single baby. The day I wanted to take a picture was the day her baby left the nest, so now it sits empty. Hopefully she will nest in it again.

I am so happy to know that my property is comfortable and that the birds and wildlife feel safe enough to raise their families here.  I love to see them in the yard and in the woods.  I have had a couple turkeys nest on my land, unfortunately one was killed by a fox, but the other had a healthy family and we would see her walk out yard with all her babies.

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