Sunday, May 17, 2015

C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products Review

By Britni Dunham, Huntress View ProStaff
Originally posted on Britni's blog Britni Outdoor Tradition

C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products is a company that provides outdoorsmen with highly reflective decals for many uses.  These decals are weather resistant and carry a 3-5 year rating. Each pack includes 1 window decal, 20 arrow-wrap strips, and 8 treestand wraps. When struck by a light source they are visible in low-zero light conditions.  They are the perfect "back up" when your lighted nock fails!

The highly reflective decals are mainly used on arrows, treestands, and as trail markers. With a weight of only 1.5 grains, they do not effect your arrow flight! When tested against three arrows without the decals, there was no difference in placement on the target. The small pre-cut decals fit on any arrow shaft or crossbow bolt.  Whether your lighted nock fails or you do not use a lighted nock, these wraps are a must have in finding a missing arrow in low-zero light. All you have to do is take out your flashlight and look for the bright reflective decal, as shown below. C-EZ reflective wraps help you to recover your arrow, including broadhead which ultimately saves you money.

Have any trouble finding your stand or navigating to and from your stand in the morning/evening? The larger sized pre-cut decals are perfect for wrapping around various parts of your treestand.  Also, for marking your ins and outs, your flashlight will reflect the decals for easy entry into and out of the woods.  Utilizing your ins and outs is a crucial part to hunting any animal, especially whitetails, and C-EZ reflective wraps will help you to be successful! 

C-EZ Products in action on a treestand!

These versatile decals can also be used on turkey call strikers/locators, ATVs, utility trailers, cell phones, blinds, cargo racks, etc.  Each pack is $9.99 with a total of 29 decals and can be ordered through You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram for new products, giveaways, user testimonies, and more.  No matter the need, C-EZ highly reflective decals are a must have for any outdoorsman.  I know my arrows will be wrapped and my treestands/trails marked with C-EZ reflective decals.

Weighing only 1.5 grains, they do NOT effect your arrow flight!

Britni's 2014 buck

 3-5 year rating and are very visible in low-zero light conditions when struck by any source of light.

All of the options:
C-EZ green, Major League Bowhunter, Bone Collector, Just For Does, C-EZ pink, Just For Bucks, Crush and Realtree

Also check out for C-EZ apparel!

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